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2013 January

Three ways to save money at home

Avoid ugly utility bills this winter with easy makeovers for the most expensive rooms in your home.

Could your child be the next Money Smart Kid?

Is your child better with money than you are? Then they might be a perfect candidate for this year's Money Smart Kid.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Chicago Etsy shops

There's nothing quite as special as a handmade gift, but we all can't be artists. Luckily, there are plenty of talented people on...

Attendance note politics

Does your kid want to skip school a lot? Try a few of these ideas for attendance notes and they'll never play hooky again.

Putting Chicago playgrounds back into play

According to a new study, impoverished neighborhoods around Chicago with a higher population of children had playgrounds with more equipment and surface problems.

Best places to see baby animals in Chicago in 2013

Chicago zoos are busting with babies, so we decided it was time to share a few of the most adorable with our readers....

What to expect when you’re expecting: Gorilla style

Just in case their maternal instincts didn't kick in, the Lincoln Park Zoo staffers gave two gorilla moms maternal training before they gave birth in the fall.

Raising kids with true grit

That ring of dirt around the tub means the family has been outside making new discoveries.

Making the most of the third grade

What's so special about being "Great at 8"?

How to choose an online tutoring site

Feeling helpless when it comes to your child's homework? Online tutoring might be the solution.
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A Must Try Recipe

How I Helped My Kids Cope with Pet Loss for the First Time

Mom turns to Facebook to help answer questions.

Watch This, Do That: The Incredibles

‘No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again!’

Win a Flowerscape Coloring Book

Enter for your chance to win by Tuesday, June 1, 2021.