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How parents can support the Let’s Move! campaign in Chicago

Parents play a critical role in getting their kids to be more active. Find out what you can do.

First Lady Michelle Obama shows off her dance moves

Even if your husband is the leader of the free world, you're still allowed to boogie down once in a while.

First Lady returns to Chicago to launch Let’s Move! Active Schools campaign

New campaign focuses on increasing physical activity for kids in 50,000 schools over the next five years.

Celebrate the first-ever Polar Bear Awareness Week at Chicago zoos

Learn more about polar bears and conservation efforts at Lincoln Park Zoo and Brookfield Zoo this week.

DuPage Children’s Museum opens a healthy cafe for families

The new S.M.A.R.T. Café is filled with healthy food choices and learning opportunities for kids.

How to better understand your credit score

Ignore the hype. Credit scoring is actually very rational and predictable

DuPage Children’s Museum staff does the Harlem Shake

The staff at DuPage Children's Museum made their own hilarious Harlem Shake video.

Shine Chicago offers support for women struggling with infertility

Support group started by a Chicago mom who struggled with infertility in the past as a place to find comfort.

How to get kids to unplug during a play date

In the whirl of video games, movies and fancy tech games, is there still a place for unplugged, imaginative play?

Mom of the Month: Lindsay Gaskins, CEO of Marbles: The Brain Store

We spoke with Lindsay Gaskins about her parenting style and being a gay family in Chicago.
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A Must Try Recipe

Watch This, Do That: Hidden Figures

"It's good to know NASA hasn't given up on good, old-fashioned brain power."

8 Anti-Racism Videos to Watch with Your Kids

Add these YouTube videos to your playlist.