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Best in Chi: The best places to cool off

The Windy City can get downright hot this time of year. Here's an inside scoop on great places to chill with your kids when temps soar.

The Little Popcorn Store worth a visit again and again

The candy is nice, but popcorn is the real star at The Little Popcorn Store, a place adored for generations.

Ditch the Kids: Sepia great place to escape

Looking for a great date night spot? Meredith Sinclair has a perfect pick for starting a fun night on the town -- Sepia.

Does your child have a feeding disorder or is he just picky?

Registered Dietitian Christine Palumbo shares some important advice on feeding kids.

New exhibit at Chicago History Museum is magical

Chicago History Museum knows there is something magic about Chicago and they can't wait to share it with your family.

Ordinary isn’t a dirty word

One mom wonders: If we only stress achievement and finding our children's talents from an early age, are we are missing who they really are?

I just want a clean, peaceful house

Everyone knows what happens to a tidy house once you have kids. Mom Sandy Spatz finally gets it and discovers neatness isn't the most important thing.

I want a baby!

Don't worry if you see Christopher Garlington weeping openly in Lincoln Park. He's just discovered his kids don't think he's Superman.

Tips to be safe in the sun

Should you buy SPF 100? Waterproof? And how often should you really reapply the kids' sunscreen? Dr. Lisa Thornton has the answers for you in this month's Health Matters.

How to raise a money mogul

The most successful business people share some common traits. Here are four you can use to help fuel your child's natural ingenuity.
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A Must Try Recipe

Experience the Y Difference Firsthand

Brought to you by YMCA of Metro Chicago.

8 Children’s Books You Can Read This Ramadan

Embrace Quran and Ramadan traditions with these books.

Pfizer Vaccine Found Safe and Effective in Older Kids

The trial examined kids ages 12-15.

MSI’s Black Creativity Program Showcases Signature Art Exposition

The 51st exhibition of art by African Americans is the nation’s longest running show.