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2011 November

Six things to do ON Thanksgiving

Sometimes you've just gotta get out ON Thanksgiving. Here's a list of six places to go.

Take back Thanksgiving

Doug Matthews and AllRecipes.com have started a new tradition - celebrate Thanksgiving BEFORE Christmas.

2011’s best games

NAPPA's game awardees this year start with a visualization of our favorite book, and end with a new version of charades. This slide show...

2011’s best toys

NAPPA's awardees this year include brain-teasers, spacial games and (of course) the new American Girl dolls. This slide show start with toys for younger...

Meet China Anne McClain and her sisters

China Anne McClain and her sisters, Sierra and Lauryn at Block 37 Friday, Nov. 18.

The Giving Project teaches kids community service

A group of Oak Park moms have started and organization, and have come up with a calendar of community service projects, to teach their kids how to give back.

Child proofing for the holidays

Childproofing the house for tiny holiday visitors can be quick and easy. Pediatric and baby-proofing experts along with savvy moms weigh in with tips.

Goodnight iPad

Chicago Children's Theatre is everywhere with it's current production of Goodnight Moon, but we found a more up-to-date parody that we think might (sadly?) be a more realistic depiction.

National Tongue Twister Day

Tripping tellingly down the trail of trite tropes, three pterodactyls tripped over their tired tongues. It's National Tongue Twister Day!

Parent Panel: Preparing for the holidays

How do you handle family drama at the holidays (and keep it from impacting the kids)?
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A Must Try Recipe

5 Ways Kids Can Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Your kids can keep learning this summer with these ideas.

Father-Daughter Business ‘The Hot Dog Box’ Relishes in Success

They're changing the way Chicagoans eat their beloved hot dogs.

How to Pick the Best Sunscreen for Your Kids

Protect your family's skin this summer with these tips.