5 Reasons to Bring Your Family to the Tulip Festival at Richardson Adventure Farm

Spring at Richardson Adventure Farm isn't just a season. It's a vibrant, immersive experience with fun for the whole family!

Tulip lovers, your time has come! If you can’t make it to Holland, we’ve got the next best thing right here in Illinois: The Tulip Festival at the Richardson Adventure Farm. Located in Spring Grove, this celebration of spring runs from mid-April through mid-May, prime tulip season in Illinois.

The Tulip Festival is a chance to spend a day in nature surrounded by a sea of beautiful colors,” says George Richardson, one of the farm’s owners. “It’s a great place to take pictures and make family memories. Kids get so excited about seeing all the different colors and varieties of tulips. It’s a feast for the senses!”

Set among sprawling fields and picturesque landscapes with colorful blooms as far as the eye can see, the Tulip Festival stands out as a must-visit event for families. Here are five reasons why:

1. The Tulip Festival at Richardson Adventure Farm features acres of colorful blooms

You’ll find 45 to 50 varieties of tulips, including Darwin hybrids, Pink Impressions, Golden Apeldoorn and dozens more varieties. 

“We have more than 1 million tulip blooms spread across 10 acres. That’s equivalent to 10 football fields,” says Richardson.

This diversity in bloom stages ensures a colorful spectacle throughout the spring, with the farm carefully tracking the average daily temperature to predict the perfect opening. For the best guest experience, the timing will vary depending on how many flowers are in bloom.

Couple of friends at Tulip Field in Richardson Adventure Farm
Photo Credit: Richardson Adventure Farm

“We don’t want just some tulips, we want a really good show,” says Richardson. “You can track the progress of our tulip blooms on Facebook and Instagram, where we provide regular updates.”

Every visitor gets a free tulip upon entry and each additional pick-your-own tulip is $2 a bloom. Collect your favorites for a truly unique bouquet.

New this year: an additional 50,000 daffodils for an even more breathtaking tapestry of colors. “We have placed the daffodils in their own separate block adjacent to the tulips and our festival area,” says Richardson. “We have 10 different varieties of colors and maturities – white, yellow, white and yellow mix.”

2. Photogenic moments everywhere you look

The Tulip Festival is a photographer’s paradise. Whether you’re an amateur photographer looking for the perfect family photo or a professional capturing a special springtime moment, the festival’s many photo ops are designed to create picture-perfect memories. 

Photo ops are spread across the fields. Take a pic of the kids sitting among rows of colorful tulips. Or give in to the romantic spring vibe at the “Two Lips” Kissing Booth. In addition, an oversized picture frame captures your family against the vibrant tulip backdrop. The photo possibilities are endless.

Young Girl enjoying flowers at Richardson Adventure Farm
Photo Credit: Richardson Adventure Farm

Professional photographers also find a welcoming space here, with the farm facilitating their needs for a nominal fee to ensure everyone enjoys the blooming spectacle.

“We admit professional photographers on a rotating basis,” says Richardson. “That way they can get some great pictures while also offering everyone else room to explore and enjoy our tulip farm.” Check out the Tulip Festival page on the farm’s website for more information on photography at the farm.

3. Food trucks, live music, games and engaging activities for all

Beyond the visual feast, the festival offers plenty of fun activities for everyone in the family. The 36-acre lakeside festival area buzzes with live music on weekend afternoons to add to the atmosphere.

You’ll also find an assortment of food trucks serving delicious fare. The adventurous can explore the farm’s vast acreage and take in the sights. Those looking to relax can enjoy picnic areas, sip on beer and wine from a trolley or indulge in farm-fresh treats from the onsite gift shop.

Richardson says these amenities offer a nice respite for all ages. “The whole family can sit down and enjoy some great food and drink. For the kids, we’ve got yard games like giant Jenga, Connect Four and more for them to enjoy while the parents take some time to relax.”

4. New traditions and memories

The essence of the Tulip Festival at Richardson Adventure Farm is its ability to create new traditions and lifelong memories. “Kids love to wander our different paths and find beautiful tulips. Everyone is outside together, enjoying the day, exploring our tulip fields and of course, capturing beautiful and unique photos,” says Richardson.

Richardson emphasizes that if you are looking for an escape from the daily grind and some wonderful family memories, this is the place. “Our Tulip Festival is a place to be outside, step out of everyday life, enjoy the stunning colors and just focus on the splendor in front of you.”

5. A springtime feast for the senses and the soul

The festival is not just about the visual beauty of tulips, says Richardson. The sight of stunning colors, the taste of homemade treats and the sound of live music create a mood that’s both relaxing and exhilarating. 

Mother, daughter and grand daughter at Tulip Field in Richardson Adventure Farm
Photo Credit: Richardson Adventure Farm

“Our Tulip Festival is filled with spring fun and atmosphere,” notes Richardson. “This is a place where moms and daughters wear flowery dresses for photoshoots. Families and groups of friends all get together to enjoy the food, drink and scenery. You hear lots of laughter and kids calling to each other about the beautiful flowers they’ve found. The joy is in the air.”

For more information about the Tulip Festival at Richardson Adventure Farm, visit richardsonadventurefarm.com.

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