Many Reasons to Stay Rooted When You Live in Niles

Moving to Niles was a great decision, but if you’re thinking about going further afield, we offer some wonderful reasons to stay rooted, right in the community you love.

It’s just a fact of life. As our families grow, so does our need for space. But when you’ve lived in your home for a little while and love your community, moving to a new house to gain a few extra square feet becomes less of a dream and more of a chore. Not to mention what your kids might say about waving goodbye to friends and classmates. But what are the benefits of the decision to stay rooted?

In the larger scheme of things, does it make sense to move from a home you have made your own and that your family is completely comfortable in? If it’s extra space or a nice upgrade you’re looking to make, wouldn’t it be nice to stay put and simply make your home exactly how you want it?

In the Village of Niles, this is something you can do, says Katie Schneider, Community Engagement Coordinator with the Village of Niles.

“Nothing is fun about moving and uprooting your whole family,” she says. “This is part of the many big decisions everyone has to make in life. Where will you go for the next phase? As your kids are getting older and your needs change, will you move or stay and update your home?”

‘Grow Your Home’ made easy and affordable

The Village of Niles was built largely in the post-WWII era, so there are plenty of charming midcentury modern homes that date back to the 1950s and ’60s. That means they have quality bones, but not necessarily the home formats that families may need as the children grow, Schneider says.

“Modern families have different needs. We know that, so the Village of Niles offers incentives for remodeling and building onto your home. You can build up or build out. We call it ‘Grow Your Home,’” she says.

This unique program supports Niles residents who want to increase their home’s value and leverage usable space by adding on to their home. And, it’s especially valuable for those who are working on a strict budget. And who isn’t?

“This program waives up to $5,000 in permit fees to build up or build out your home,” Schneider explains. “A bathroom remodel itself can be $10,000, so if you can save $5,000, you have more for your kitchen space or to add back into your bathroom project, for instance.”

Welcome to your new front porch

Homeowners know that pride of ownership extends well beyond the living space to your home’s exterior, and nothing improves a home’s curb appeal — and eventual resale value — more than a rejuvenated face.

That’s why the Village of Niles is rolling out programs that will make it easy and take the guesswork out of upgrading the look of your home’s front facing architecture.

“There have been trends in recent years to focus on entertaining at the rear of your home, so people gradually started removing front porches and not replacing them. Or they are adding decks and back porches instead of making their front porch a place to spend time,” Schneider says.

Because strong communities gather together and enjoy shared experiences, Niles encourages residents to consider the front of their homes as wonderful gathering places.

“Encourage neighbors to stop by. Don’t close off and spend time just in your backyard, but get back to gathering at the front of your home. We’re excited to be developing this program now,” she says.

Stay rooted to all the good stuff in Niles

Staying in Niles — rather than uprooting your family and moving to a new community and starting all over again — is a smart thing to do because your Village of Niles property tax is significantly lower than many communities in Illinois.

It turns out that what makes Niles so convenient is also what makes it affordable.

“This is because Niles has a strong retail base, which keeps residential property taxes affordable, all while providing the highest quality services for those who live here,” Schneider says. “When it snows, we have the clearest streets and that’s notable. We are known for our public works department.”

When considered together with public safety, fire and EMS dispatch, Schneider says residents benefit from “phenomenal” services and that’s something she’s very proud of.

“The additional amenities families find in the Village of Niles are quite unique. Our Family Services Department has social workers on staff for families who need mental health support and wellness assistance,” says Schneider.

A senior center with highly skilled staff provides daily activities and field trips to more than 1,000 members of the community. And, a new teen center is in the works, she says.

“We’ve had a teen center at Golf Mill Shopping Center for 15 years, but we’re undertaking a huge buildout in the center of the village. This will be a new facility with all the amenities teens love and want,” Schneider says.

And, teens can show their independence by using the free Pace Bus in Niles. “This free transportation is great, especially for teens,” she says. “They can hop on the bus from school and head straight to the teen center. It’s one more thing that makes daily life in Niles more convenient.”

Families traveling to and from Chicago can even take the Pulse route, Pace’s rapid transit service. And it’s super convenient for parents and kids, Schneider says.

“Pulse runs more like a train to get you from point A in the city to point B in the suburbs more quickly. The curb is raised and the bus pulls right up for you to get on with a stroller or a wheelchair,” she explains. “Niles is the first suburb this route goes through.”

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