Sacred Heart Schools of Chicago Shape Student Leaders through Five Goals

Sacred Heart Schools of Chicago provide students with academic, extracurricular and leadership opportunities grounded in faith.

When considering the right school for your child, you probably have a few must-haves. Some parents want not only excellent academics but also a foundation rooted in faith. 

Sacred Heart Schools of Chicago on Sheridan Road serves children from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade with a mission that includes five goals that define a Sacred Heart education. “The five goals we embody at Sacred Heart help our students to manifest a growth mindset, make wise choices and become socially responsible citizens,” says Marjie Murphy, Head of Institutional Advancement for Sacred Heart Schools of Chicago.

“We like to say that we have been shaping leaders since 1876,” says Murphy. “An important part of that is education not only for the head but for the heart.”

Personal and active faith

Being with others who have a strong faith perspective helps Sacred Heart students develop a secure identity and a sense of purpose, Murphy says. However, while Sacred Heart is based in the Roman Catholic tradition, the school is open to students of all faiths.

“Regardless of your faith, at Sacred Heart, you will become better at it,” says Murphy. “We provide a safe space for students to grow and develop as learners and leaders, as young people and as people of faith.”


Sacred Heart students are exposed to a wide variety of learning at an early age, including world languages, art, music and technology. As a faith-based school, religion is also part of the curriculum. Lower student-to-teacher ratios offer more personalized instruction.

“Our graduates are frequently placed into advanced courses in subjects such as language or math,” Murphy says. “High schools tell us they can always spot a Sacred Heart graduate because they are prepared, organized and ready to learn.”


Sacred Heart prides themselves on a close-knit community of students and families with extracurricular activities that include all ages. One event that brought everyone closer together recently was the school musical, which included the younger grades for the first time, something usually reserved for the upper grades. “Our younger students felt like they were an important part of one of our biggest school events, and the older students got to exhibit leadership qualities to their younger cast members,” she says.

Community at Sacred Heart also means a diverse student population that grows and learns together. “We have students from many different backgrounds, and these friendships help our graduates see themselves as part of a larger global community.”

Service to others

Middle school students participate in off-site community service activities once or twice a month, but all Sacred Heart students and families are included in service projects. Students are encouraged to initiate service activities that are meaningful to them.

“We believe that serving others isn’t just about helping people. It’s a reciprocal experience. When we help others, we also learn so much,” says Murphy. “Through thoughtful service, our students realize they have agency and can make a difference in the world around them.”

Personal growth

Whether watching a child suddenly break out onstage in a starring role or become confident in their academic abilities, Murphy believes that Sacred Heart’s commitment to personal growth is one of the school’s most important legacies for graduates. The school’s supportive environment speaks for itself.

“When we ask parents in our early grades why they chose Sacred Heart, the most common answer we hear is ‘Your eighth-grade tour guides,’” Murphy says. “Parents tell us that our soon-to-be graduates are articulate, knowledgeable and kind and that’s how they want their kids to be.”

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Jennifer Kales
Jennifer Kales
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