2 Ways to Make Pace ADA Paratransit More Convenient

Pace ADA Paratransit offers two easy-to-use tools to create a smoother experience. Learn how Ventra and TripCheck can work for you.

As a Pace ADA Paratransit rider, you already know that you have many options for getting around the city of Chicago and suburbs. With hundreds of fully accessible fixed-route and ADA Paratransit options available, your public transit system can accommodate your travel needs.

But Pace ADA Paratransit has made it even easier for you to have a smooth ride with a couple of great tools that are convenient to use, too. Now, you can use Ventra to pay for your Paratransit ride, which means you never have to worry about having correct fare or change in your pocket. And, you can manage your Paratransit ride information using a tool called TripCheck.

We share more details about how these two tools work and how you can use them on your next Paratransit Trip.

Ventra makes payment quick and easy

Why worry about having exact fare when you board your Pace ADA Paratransit vehicle? Instead, you can use Ventra as your payment method, even when you book your Paratransit trip.

If you don’t already have a Ventra account, you can create one by downloading the Ventra app onto your smartphone or by visiting the Ventra website at ventrachicago.com.

You can add payment to your Ventra account by visiting a Ventra retail location (convenient grocery stories and currency exchanges), online at VentraChicago.com or by calling 877-669-8368. For maximum convenience, you can even add payment on your smartphone using the Ventra app.

Then, call Ventra to link your ADA Paratransit ID to your Ventra account. Dial 877-669-8368, choose option 3, then option 3 again. Be sure you have your Paratransit ID with you so you can provide information to the operator.

Next time you make an ADA Paratransit ride reservation, tell the operator you’d like to pay with your Ventra account. The operator will be able to find your account easily if you have your ADA Paratransit ID ready.

Once you have made your reservation and indicated your payment will be through your Ventra account, you can board the ADA Paratransit vehicle with your ADA Paratransit ID. Your driver will know you have paid, so you do not need to provide any additional payment. It’s that simple!

Paying by Ventra is not a requirement, but is designed to make your Paratransit experience easier and more convenient.

Stay in the know with TripCheck

Pace Paratransit makes it easier than ever to keep track of your ride information through an online tool called TripCheck.

TripCheck allows you to look up your ride status and cancel scheduled rides without having to call Pace. You can also set up convenient text or email reminders for upcoming trips. Plus, you can set up text or email alert for booking confirmations or ride cancellations, and even request 20-minute reminders before a scheduled pick up and nightly alerts with information about your scheduled travel for the next day.

Here’s how to use TripCheck:

Access the TripCheck portal at PaceBus.com/TripCheck. Here you can enroll in TripCheck if you need to, and log in using your TripCheck ID. Once you have logged in, you can view upcoming trips and any subscriptions you may have. You can see your ride history, cancel any upcoming trips if necessary and get more information on fares and schedules.

Both TripCheck and Ventra are designed to make your Pace ADA Paratransit experience smoother and more enjoyable. Use them on your next Paratransit trip to work, medical appointments, shopping — and wherever else you’d like to go.

Learn more about Pace ADA Paratransit at PaceBus.com/ADA.

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