Chicago Families, Come to Jellystone Park Camp-Resort for a Superior Guest Experience!

How you feel as a guest can make or break your family vacay. Experts at Jellystone Park Camp-Resort share how they ensure happy guests and great family memories.

When it comes to creating unforgettable family vacations, Jellystone Park Camp-Resort in Caledonia, Wisconsin, strives to offer guests the best experience possible. The secret sauce? Their unwavering commitment to team training  and development, ensuring that every guest enjoys a fun, happy and personalized experience.

Rec Team Tuck in the Bears
Photo Credit: Jellystone Park Camp-Resort

“From the moment you arrive, we want it to be clear that Jellystone Park is more than just a place to stay. It’s a community dedicated to making memories that last a lifetime,” says Connie Schneider, Training and Development Manager.

Starting strong with stellar recruitment 

Jellystone Park’s journey to exceptional guest service begins with a robust recruitment process. The resort places a strong emphasis on finding the right people. They begin with practice interviews in area high schools followed by real interviews with prospective applicants. 

“We do a lot of recruitment for our Parks right on site at schools so we can meet the candidates and get a feeling for how they will interact with our guests,” says Schneider. “Our process helps us make sure that only the most enthusiastic and committed people will work with us.”

Rec Team Candybar Bingo at Jellystone Park Camp-Resort
Photo Credit: Jellystone Park Camp-Resort

Schneider and her team look for specific qualities in potential hires. “We look for the basics of what makes a good ‘people person,’” she says. “For example, does the candidate make good eye contact, are they clear communicators and do they seem coachable?” This careful selection process ensures a team  that is well-equipped to offer top-notch service.

Enhancing the guest experience through team training

Once on board, team members undergo rigorous guest service training. “We put an emphasis on key guest service principles. We use role-playing and improvise scenarios to teach effective listening and response techniques,” says Talent Manager Evana Stone. “We want our guests to feel genuinely heard by us.”

And, with so many families on the premises, safety is also number one priority, Schneider  says. Daily safety drills and emergency preparedness are key factors in staff training and management.

”We seek continuous improvement and we use guest feedback to enhance guest experiences,” says Schneider.

Rec Team Hey! Ride at Jellystone Park Camp-Resort
Photo Credit: Jellystone Park Camp-Resort

The positive relationship between Jellystone Park team members trickles down to the guests, Stone says: “Our team members get to know guests by name, ensuring everyone feels valued and welcomed.”

Jellystone Park’s commitment to development doesn’t stop at initial training. The Park offers an Emerging Leaders Program, providing continuous learning opportunities to help the team grow and advance within the company. High employee retention rates serve not just the company, but the guests.

Stone, who started as a lifeguard and worked her way up to Talent Manager, says, “We want our team to grow with us. Jellystone Park is not just a seasonal job; it’s a place where you can build a career.”

Going the extra mile for guests

Stories abound about instances where team members went above and beyond for guests, but there are standouts.

“We had one child who really wanted to go on Adventure Island at our Bear Paw Adventure Park, but was afraid,” says Stone. “The lifeguard took the time to personally accompany this child to the course so that he would feel comfortable. The parents said their son couldn’t stop talking about his positive experience and wanted to return the next day.”

Schneider adds her own recollection: “One of our maintenance team members on his rounds saw a little girl who had a broken bicycle. He stopped what he was doing and fixed her bike before returning to his duties, also going out of his way to get a new tire for her. This is just typical of our team. We treat people like they are friends and family.”

What people are saying about Jellystone Park

The proof is in the final product: guest satisfaction. Here are just a few examples of recent 5-star Google reviews from guests that have visited Jellystone Park in Caledonia, Wisconsin.

Wyatt Graft 5/5:

What a wonderful weekend here. It was the first trip of the season & my 3 children had a blast. Cabins were extremely clean and the staff was polite & attentive. This was our first time here and we will definitely be coming back! Rooms 5.0 Service 5.0 Location 5.0

 Joanne Seaman 5/5: 

“So I did not have a room but a tent..our campsite was beautiful…We have been camping at this yogi for the past 30 plus years. Every worker there is polite and kind. The place is kept very clean and there are activities for everyone to enjoy. Love ❤️ this place!…I will be returning with my kids and my grandchildren (8) in about a week.” – Rooms 5.0 Service 5.0 Location 5.0

Corinne Guillama 5/5:

 “This place was an absolute blast!! There were so many activities going on every day and they were all really well planned out. I love that they had an app to show you all the activities going on and it sent out reminders 15 minutes beforehand too! Was super helpful! Everything was really clean and well taken care of, the Glamping beach cabin was super nice and had tons of amenities…Will definitely have to make this our yearly back to school camping trip! Till next year bears 🐻” Rooms 5.0 Service 5.0 Location 5.0

Creating a place that feels like home

Ultimately, what sets Jellystone Park apart is its dedication to creating a home-like atmosphere for guests, says Schneider. 

“Our guests are called guests for a reason and not customers because we are not just one transaction. We want you to feel like you are at home and we want you to keep coming back bringing friends and family with you!”

To learn more about Jellystone Park Camp-Resort and to book your stay, visit

Jennifer Kales
Jennifer Kales
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