What to Look for in a Birth Injury Lawyer

Parents who are seeking legal advice and representation for birth injury or wrongful death cases need to make the right decision when choosing their lawyer. Here’s how.

When you are seeking any kind of service, you want to work with a professional who will do the best job and give you the best results. You want experience — and that’s even more important when you need a birth injury lawyer to represent you in a medical malpractice case.

If you think a mistake was made during your prenatal period, labor, delivery or shortly after your child’s birth and your child has suffered a birth injury, such as a brain injury or a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, you might be able to receive compensation.

Money recovered from a birth injury lawsuit may help with the crippling costs of medical care your child may need and potential loss of future earnings. It can also help ease your family’s pain and suffering.

Choosing the right firm to represent you and your family is important. What should you look for in a birth injury lawyer? Here, Lisa Weinstein, principal at the Chicago office of Grant & Eisenhofer P.A., offers some pointers on what to consider when hiring a birth injury lawyer.

The right representation

It’s important to choose the right attorney for the job. A corporate attorney or a divorce lawyer may be unlikely to understand the complex medical issues involved in birth injury cases. Instead, find someone whose practice is dedicated to litigating obstetrical malpractice cases.

“Your claim is a medical malpractice case so you want somebody who can understand the medicine,” Weinstein says. “For example, your attorney should know how babies get oxygen while they are in utero,” as well as the whole birth process.

These cases can be costly because they require a lot of expert opinions, she adds, but Grant & Eisenhofer’s birth injury clients don’t have to pay for anything unless they win the case or there is a settlement. So, you need a firm that is established and can afford to take—and build—your case by using their own resources for additional medical experts.

Experience in getting results

You may not have much time to file your birth injury case, depending on your state. Don’t waste it working with the wrong lawyer or one who hasn’t taken on these types of cases before.

Look for the experience that the firm or attorney has in achieving results in obstetrical malpractice cases. You’ll want your chosen lawyer to have a lot of experience in getting results for clients relating to many different birth injuries.  While every case is unique, you and your family deserve trusted help in seeking a financial future for your child.

Compassionate advocate

Because this is a scary, difficult time for your family, you should feel emotionally supported throughout the entire process. You want someone who will listen, understand and truly care — and that’s what you’ll get from the experts at Grant & Eisenhofer.

“I run the practice, and I’m a mom of three,” Weinstein says. “Having a passionate team and somebody who understands what you’ve been through,” and can empathize with you and your situation is key.

If you’re still unsure of where to turn, Weinstein suggests getting a referral from someone you know.

“I think client testimonials say a lot — not just about me, but our whole team,” she says. “Our clients turn into family.”

For more information, visit injuryfrombirth.com or contact Grant & Eisenhofer P.A. online.  30 N. LaSalle Street Chicago, IL 60602. Attorney Advertising. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.


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