What to expect during your first visit at Studio Three

Working out should be a relief and not a headache, especially when you’re a parent. Luckily, this fairly new Chicago-based luxury gym makes finding your fitness grove a breeze.


What is Studio Three?


Studio Three is a fitness boutique that hosts three types of classes in one space. With two locations in River North and Lincoln Park, members can experience the following workout studios: Interval, Cycle and Yoga.


How is Studio Three different than other fitness group classes?


With the convenience of various fitness classes in one membership, the studio believes in creating a one-of-kind atmosphere and experience for visitors. In the brand new Lincoln Park location, for example, you’ll find a zen garden and waterfall wall, which makes your fitness routine seem more relaxing to the soul. Plus, you can grab a smoothie to-go thanks to a Graze Smoothie & Acai Bar located in the lobby.


What is a Studio Three workout really like?


You’re in control of deciding which routine work best, which is a big relief if you’re going back into exercising, and here’s what you can expect at each type of fitness studio available:




Consider Studio Three’s Torch classes if you’re looking for an intense workout for the body. Their interval studio holds three zones with treadmills, rowing machines and weight benches. Certain classes available allow you to focus on specific areas such as arms and abs, butt and legs, or the full body.




If you didn’t think this place couldn’t be any more luxurious, the Lincoln Park studio even has their very own personal bikes—with their logo and everything—created by the same designer of Peloton and Soul Cycle bikes. The River North studio still has Peloton bikes, so you won’t feel left out. Throw in some special lighting and upbeat music, you’ll feel in the zone on your ride.




And for those feeling they need to zone out, these yoga classes still focus on strength training and mind building, so you don’t feel like you’re wasting your time. We could all use a little more zen in our hectic lives, right?


What can parents get out of Studio Three?


Most importantly, we need to analyze if parents should spend the time (and money) for a luxe experience. You can luckily buy class packs if you want to test the waters or commit to a membership ranging from $150 to $250 per month with unlimited classes. If you’re thinking of visiting the studio more than two to three times a week, then it’s a reasonable price.


Parents will also love to learn that Studio Three recently launched a Kids’ Care program in their Lincoln Park location. For $8-$10 per session, you can drop off kids (ages 6 weeks to 12 years) at their Kids’ Care room where they can participate in interactive activities with the studio’s care providers for 75 minutes. Other studio perks include complimentary cycle shoes, beauty bars in their locker rooms and more.



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