How to Stay True to Yourself as a Mother

When being a mother, sometimes you have to put yourself first.

Most often times we always hear the saying that you have be everything for your children, while making them first priority. You have to give up your life for your children and that is not the case.

Let me ask you this, who said that we have to give so much for ourselves when we don’t even have the capacity to do so. Who said that as mothers we have to sacrifice our well-being just to please our children?

No one!

Put you first

I want you to change the narrative and make YOURSELF first priority. I want you to get to a place to where you love yourself so much that you understand if you are no good to yourself, then you will be empty for your children.

I cannot stress enough the power of “self-love” to ourselves as mothers. I cannot sit on my morals and allow you to think giving all of you is the way to go.

In order to stay true to yourself, you must first realize that you are the glue to the puzzle. Without you the puzzle will fall apart and not withstand.

Secondly, you must take heed that self-care is a MUST! Whatever you have to do to relax and calm your body to be at a state of peace is mandatory.

You must never stop taking care of you.

Thirdly, you must understand the word “No” is essential to your vocabulary. You cannot take on certain tasks that do not align with your spirit and your peace. You cannot overload yourself with other people’s capacities and workload when you have to serve yourself fully and your children. Saying “No,” allows you to speak up for yourself and your mental capacity.

Lastly, your mental health is necessary for your overall functionality. Allow yourself to be aware when your mental health may be pivoting. Become so clear with yourself and walk away from anything and everything that does not serve you. Remain truthful and take precaution when you know you cannot serve in certain capacities because your mental health needs to be protected.

As mothers, we are the carriers of life, the nurturers, the first one the baby sees, the food supplier, the nourisher and the comforter. Our titles hold an immense depth and takes great strength daily.

Mothers are superheroes and we pride ourselves on conquering the task daily. So, we must constantly be replenished.

So, today moms, I want you to promise to yourself to love on yourself daily, choose peace at all times and do not take on the world because you do not have to.

You got this and you are phenomenal!

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