At-Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

As much as we want to enjoy date nights, sometimes it’s impossible to just find the time to go out as a parent. That doesn’t mean you have to stop focusing on one-on-one time in your relationship!

Whether you’re too tired to go out or want to skip hiring a babysitter, there are plenty of ways for parents to enjoy a date night at home. Dress comfortable and spend some quality time together with these at-home date night ideas. Fingers crossed you can get the kids to bed early. 

Order a special dinner

Skip dinner with the kids and plan a meal just for you two. You can order takeout from one of your favorite local restaurants. While you’re at it, why not set up the table and light some candles, too?

Do a puzzle together

After a long day, break out a puzzle that you can work on together and still be able to have a good conversation. Consider buying a puzzle roll mat so you can save puzzling for a future date night — and not worry about the kids ruining it!

Host a virtual game night

You can still connect with your friends without leaving the house. If you’re missing game night together, try out some virtual gaming apps like Houseparty and Jackbox Games. We suggest video chatting at the same time to make the experience even more fun. 

Have a movie marathon

Instead of binge-watching your current show obsession, pop some popcorn and watch a few flicks. Make it a themed movie night so you can watch two or three similar movies together. Some ideas include horror films, ’90s night or movie musicals. 

Create your own spa

You both deserve a break with a stay-at-home spa night. It’s up to your mood on how you want to plan this time to relax. It can be as elaborate as setting up roses near a tub filled with scented bath salts or as simple as putting on spa masks while watching TV. 

Sip and paint

If you don’t feel like spending so much money, recreate the Sip and Paint experience at home. Buy your art materials and a bottle of wine as you follow along with this tutorial on YouTube.

Make your own fondue 

Fondue always makes a perfect romantic meal. You can create the same atmosphere at home with this cheese fondue recipe or melt some chocolate to dip with strawberries and marshmallows. 

Try out tarot cards 

For an eerie date night idea, see if you can do your own card reading. These tarot cards include a guide to tell your own fortune. You can also find virtual tarot card readings if you want to hear from an expert.

Learn how to make cocktails

Do you love drinking cocktails when out? Try making your own at home! Look online to find a date night cocktail that both you and your partner will like and get mixing.

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