Becoming mom: Chicago TV show host pens love letters to twin babies


My dream to be a mom blossomed into a reality times two. It’s transformed me in more ways than I ever expected.




Twinning! Meet Acher and Marlowe

Photography by Andrea Plecko

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Dear Acher or Marlowe,


(We didn’t know we were having twins at this point)


Mommy and Dad found out we are pregnant with you just two days ago. We have been praying for this moment for a long time.


So far only your aunts and uncles know and we will be surprising your grandparents soon. Your Pittsburgh (Dad’s) side will find out next week and my parents over Christmas. We get to hear your heartbeat on Jan. 18 and it couldn’t come soon enough. We decided we were ready for you during our anniversary celebration in Puerto Rico. We were going to wait until I turned 30 but we got too excited thinking about you. Oh, to think of your first breath. We can’t wait! Your due date is Aug. 20.


Your dad is so handsome, smart and a hard worker. I hope you are just like him. He loves me dearly and lets me chase my dream of being a talk show host. Love you to the moon and back already.


P.S. You have an 11-year-old sister Miss Puffy Doo-Little








Dearest…. TWINS!!!!!!


We found out there are two of you in there today. I am 8 weeks pregnant and we met with your new doctor. We were shocked because we were hoping for a healthy heart beat and then they found two. SOOOO SHOCKED! Both of you look so cute (so tiny). Your heartbeats were 154 and you are fraternal twins in two sacks (so you will both be unique). We called all your grandparents from the hospital and none of them believed us. Your due date now moved up to the last week of July or the first week of August.


I love you both so much. We will find out your genders at my 30th b-day gala in front of everyone. CAN’T WAIT!








Dearest Twinspirations,


That is your Instagram name. LOL. People love you already!!!


Week 10-11 we did your genetic testing and you came back “perfect.” The coolest part of the test was seeing you both so active in the womb. Baby A, you are constantly dancing, and Baby B, you are chill. I love dreaming about the people you will become.


The following week we announced you publicly to the world. We teamed up with Volvo to create a video that gave hints that something big was happening. At the end of the video, we shut the trunk and ta-da, a “Twins on Board” sticker was on the back. It was an instant hit; the video hit more than 10,000 views the first day.


The support from Chicago was overwhelming and everyone is excited for you!


P.S. 3 weeks until we find out your genders.


P.P.S. Baby A is on the right and Baby B is on the left! SOOOO COOOLLLL.


Love you babies!










I felt your first kicks today! Best feeling ever.




Dearest Marlowe and Acher (David Acheson Heiner III),


THESE ARE YOUR NAMES!!! This weekend at my show’s first gala and my 30th birthday party we found out Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a boy. This was the best weekend of my life. We did your gender reveal in front of 250 guests and also live on Facebook. We opened two boxes with balloons and outfits for the genders in each. Your video reached over 30,000 and your dad’s reaction was priceless.


I thought I was having two boys, yet I am beyond thankful to have my little girl. Oh, how God is so faithful! We went for your ultrasound earlier that week but had the doctor seal the envelope. You both were just moving around and having a ball. Acher, you were easy that day and posed for pictures … Marlowe, not so much, LOL. (You are a wild woman!)


Your Oklahoma grandparents were in for the reveal and were ecstatic. Your Pittsburgh grandparents were in the week before helping us construct your room. Ya’ll will be the fourth set of twins in our family and just like my great-grandmother Hallie& her twin Harry, you are boy/girl!


Now it’s time to register.


Love you forever,






Dear Acher and Marlowe,


Happy 25 weeks. We want you to stay in much longer. However at this stage if anything goes wrong, we are in a safer position. Next week we head to Catalina Island for our babymoon and we can’t wait. I am obsessed with Bacon Gouda and eat it every day! Marlowe, you love to kick me, and Acher, you like to play right after I eat dinner. Dad had his first dream of you last night and has been smiling since.








Hello My Little Love Nuggets,


Your nursery is Noah’s Ark theme (two-by-two they came)! Your Florida grandparents got us our rocker and cribs. Everything is really coming together. Our babymoon was amazing and while we were in Cali, we got to meet your cousin. SHE’S PRECIOUS!!! Made this whole baby thing that much more real. We passed our glucose test, however I had a small fall. Luckily both of you kicked me immediately to let me know you were OK!


Love you,








OK, our last trip is done! We are 30+ weeks and had your first shower in Oklahoma. I decided to take a speaking engagement while in town (bad idea)… I had three contractions during the speech. I’m hoping the guests just thought I was really intense on my topic, entrepreneurship.


My ankles now swell daily.


I am up 65 pounds and you weigh over 4 pounds. Your dad is really nesting; he’s fixing up everything in our house. So far, so good. Hope to keep cooking you another six weeks, fingers crossed. You both love to party at night and my tummy looks like a wave pool. I had my first dream of you last night and was able to see your beautiful faces.


You are my sunshines!








Miss Marlowe and Mr. Acher,


Can’t believe you are finally here. YOU BOTH ARE SO WORTH IT. After 37 weeks and a natural delivery, you entered the world with the most precious smiles I’ve ever seen. That moment in the delivery room has changed my life forever. My love for you is unconditional and I am so proud to be your mom.


Love you forever my kids,


Momma xoxo

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