Teach your kids to set New Year’s resolutions in five easy steps

Phew, what a year! With the start of a new year, people fall into two camps: the resolutioners and the naysayers. I happen to fall into being a goal digger. Notice, I said GOAL, not gold. I’m also a big believer that goals aren’t just for us people over a certain age who are paying a mortgage. Goals know no age. I firmly believe that setting goals from a young age will help reinforce what goes into working and achieving your goals, which will in turn create a hardworking generation. (Ahem, Millennials pay heed).


So what can you do help this process along? Here are five easy steps to get the conversation flowing:




Explain what goal setting is and why it’s a crucial part of growing up. Goals helps us thrive, not just survive in life. Setting goals, achieving them and growing as a person is what life is all about. Which segues into numero dos.




Be an active role model. Monkey see, monkey do. That even means following through on your resolution of “working out 2-3 times per week.”




Set family goals. Maybe screen time has been a problem for your family. Suggest that rather than engaging with the iPad, video games or TV shows, you play a board game, go to the park, make dinner as a family or get active together (sport, ride bikes, bowling). The possibilities are endless and it doesn’t have to be expensive!




Create and chart. Write down the goals and let them be creative with them. A great guide to developing goals is using this four-step guide: Want, Need, Share and Succeed. There are some great printables out there on Pinterest–you can find some here. Sure, striving to eat more fruits and veggies, helping with laundry or going to the library at least once per week are all great suggestions, but let kids take the lead. Be sure to track and chart progress.




Last, but not least, celebrate. Who doesn’t like to get a reward? Rewards are long-lasting and children benefit when you praise them. Don’t penalize if a goal is not met, but make sure to continue to guide them. Remember, it’s a resolution, not a mandate written in blood. (Because, that would just be creepy and a little scary).


Remember, this should be fun! When goals are developed out of passion and actual interest, you are more apt to follow through on completing them. Now, go grab 2018 by the horns! Have you set some goals for you and your family? Share with me on @stephnthestrollersquad.


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