Survey: Kindness #1 characteristic kids appreciate in bully-filled lives

Watch out, popularity, you might be on the way out. Instead, kids seem to value kindness and humor in other kids these days over how popular a kid seems to be, according to a new nationwide survey by

However, bullying is pervasive, meaning your teen probably knows someone who’s been cyberbullied. They might even be the one being bullied.

According to the survey, released on World Kindness Day, 68 percent of the 716 randomly selected teens and young adults ages 13-24 polled said their school has cyberbullying problems and more than half reported being victims of bullies themselves. Sixty-two percent even considered transferring school because of a bully, the survey found. Not surprisingly, weight and appearance seemed to be at the top of the list when bullies pick their victims, the results show.

And moms and dads, they are looking to you to help solve the problem, the survey showed. For tips to do that, visit

Find more info about the survey and bullying at

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