Special moms team up to create national network

Families of special needs children often feel isolated, whether it’s because other parents can’t relate or because of the lack of resources for their child’s needs. That’s exactly how Westchester, N.Y., moms Dana DeRuvo Hanner and Susan Kleiman felt.

In 2012, they started their own online forum to connect and share resources with parents with children with disabilities. They expanded their forum, known today as the Special Moms Network, nationally in 2014, including everything from doctor recommendations to programs specifically for children with special needs.

As the number of children with special needs continues to grow, the internet is becoming a powerful tool that more and more parents are turning to for information and support, Dana DeRuvo Hanner wrote in a release.

Now moms from around the country can access thousands of programs through a searchable database of companies and products geared toward those with disabilities. Joining the group is free.

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