5 special education resources for Chicago families

All children deserve to attend a great school that caters to their educational needs. They deserve to have the quintessential summer camp experience and some best friends to share their secrets with. But for kids with special needs, finding educational opportunities and fulfilling crucial social needs isn’t always easy. 

Here, we offer five top special needs articles at ChicagoParent.com that can help pave the way to a bright future for children with special needs. Find out how one Chicago Parent advertising partner is flipping the script on special needs education. Plus, get tips on helping kids with special needs make friends, maximize their IEP meeting, find a summer camp and more.

Educational ‘Hope’ for Kids with Special Needs

It’s only a matter of time before the kids are out of school for the summer, but it’s the perfect time to think about a different education option for your child in the 2020-21 school year. That’s where the Hope Learning Academy – Chicago, an innovative Chicago Public School that serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade, comes in. Here, students with different learning styles and abilities will receive an individualized education that will allow them to thrive beyond the classroom.

Advocating for Your Child With An IEP

During IEP meetings, parents have an opportunity to collaborate with teachers and specialized professionals at their child’s school to ensure he or she is receiving the best plan to help him or her thrive during the school year. Here’s some advice on how to handle those meetings.

Finding a Special Needs Summer Camp

There’s still time to give your child a chance to grow and gain more independence – all while having fun – this summer. We’re talking camp, and here are 10 tips on finding the right one for your child, no matter what his or her abilities or interests are.

Helping Children with Special Needs Make Friends

Making friends is hard for all children, but can be especially difficult for those with special needs. Here, you’ll find eight tips to help your kiddo foster friendships during the upcoming school year.

Steps to Secure Your Child’s Financial Future

Have money on your mind? If you’re worried about your child’s financial future, read on for tips to ensure your child’s future is not limited by financial problems.

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