New computer game helps kids with autism

A therapeutic computer program allows children with autism to cope with noise and improve sensory processing, all while enjoying a favorite activity-playing a video game.

Because children with autism often struggle with managing sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and balance, EASe games, which stands for Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect, helps them adapt, says Bill Mueller, president of Vision Audio and developer of the game. The music, for example, helps get kids used to noise, while the driving and flying games help to manage a child’s sense of balance. “Your sense of space, at least within the virtual space, is always being challenged,” he says. “You have to be able to resolve the differences between your natural sense of where you are in space and what the game is showing you visually.”

Each of the six games, which include a snowmobile and a UFO theme, can be purchased online at

Another company, Maximum Potential Group, has a video-based Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, therapy program that instructs teachers on how to work with children on the autistic spectrum through a series of DVDs. To find out more about these video programs, visit

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