Looking cool with hubcaps

Make your child’s wheelchair a little safer and more eye catching with reflective safety stickers in the shape of stars, hearts, dogs, flame and flowers. The stickers fit on wheelchair wheels and frames, walker frames and scooter bodies. Prices are $5 per set.

Wheelchair socks can keep the wheels of manual wheelchairs from tracking dirt into the house. Slip the wheel covers over the wheels when entering the house and wash in the washing machine as needed. Cost is $39.99 per pair.

To cover wheelchair spokes and show your child’s personality, check out the hubcaps that mount to manual wheelchair wheels with Velcro straps. The hubcaps come in everything from hot pink flower designs to sports-related designs. The hubcaps are $110 a pair, $150 for customized hubcaps. For more information, call (888) 414-7061 or visit www.coolhubcaps.com.

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