Best new toys for kids with special needs under $50

From sensory putty to slap bracelets, every kid deserves a lot of fun to open during the holidays. Check out the toys below and find more gift ideas for all ages in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Dimpl Duo by Fat Brain, $24.99

Babies and tots of all abilities can learn colors and shapes with a “popping” toy that includes Braille descriptions. 

Available at: Becky & Me Toys, Moore Toys & Gadgets and *play

Pblz by On Trend Goods, $17.99

These magnetic rocks have varying textures for kids to enjoy sensory play. 

Available at: Building Blocks Toy Store and Moore Toys & Gadgets

Sensy Band by Sensory Genius, $5.99 

The slap bracelet has a sensory feel.

Available at: Becky & Me Toys and Building Blocks Toy Store

Foam Alive by Moose Toys, $5.99-$15.99 

Different than kinetic sand, this “foam” is constantly moving and filling in holes. Fascinating to watch it try to settle and doesn’t leave a “gritty” feel on hands.

Available at: Building Blocks Toy Store and *play

Light-Up Cubes by Glo Pals, $12

Developed by the mom of a kid who had sensory needs, these cubes glow in any kind of liquid ­– bath included. 

Available at: Moore Toys & Gadgets and *play

Scent-sory Putty by Crazy Aaron’s, $5.99

Crazy Aaron developed a putty that not only molds, it also smells. Fragrants include chocolate, berry, gumball and even pizza. 

Available at: Becky & Me Toys, Building Blocks Toy StoreMoore Toys & Gadgets and *play

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