5 Santa-worthy splurges your kids will love

If there’s just one big gift to give, we found some great options for all age groups. Check out the toys below and click here to find more gift ideas for all ages in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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Lampy Pets, $59.99, 0+

For late-night feedings or before-bed readings, this adorable lamp comes with a nightlight at the bottom and a bright light on the top. There are enough in the line to match any nursery décor.

Available at: Becky & Me Toys

Loog Guitar, $79.99, 3+

With just three strings, even toddlers can start their American Idol career. By shrinking the circumference of the neck of a guitar, Loog has made making music preschool friendly, at a       sub-$100 price tag.             

Available at: Building Blocks Toys and *play

Tech Will Save Us, $55, 5+

You spent their babyhood keeping their fingers out of electricity, now is a good time to get their hands dirty learning about it. This dough works as a conductor while your kiddo experiments to learn about how circuits and sounds are made. The Electro Dough Kit retails for $34.99, the Electro Machines kit is great for ages 4 and older and the Synth Kit will impress teenagers. 

Available at: Moore Toys & Gadgets 

Ravensburger Gravitrax, $59.99, 8+

Not your average marble run, Gravitrax adds an app aspect that allows young builders to try out blueprints first, then see the marble’s-eye view of the run through the tracks.

Available at: Becky & Me Toys and *play

Draw Bag, $55, 10+

Designed by an artist, Draw Bag lets your kid’s personality shine. Weather-treated to withstand Mother Nature in the Midwest, the lined bag comes with special markers for artists and engineers to make their mark or friends to autograph.

Available at: Moore Toys & Gadgets                                                              

Check out more ideas in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

This article originally appeared in the November 2018 issue of Chicago Parent. Read the rest of the issue.

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