EmotiPlush Therapy Dolls help children express themselves

As a mom, I am always looking to buy toys that are fun and educational. Recently, while watching ABC’s hit TV show ’The Toy Box,’ I came across EmotiPlush, which are facial expression therapy dolls that help kids learn emotions and how to express themselves. 

I interviewed the owner and creator of EmotiPlush, Padmini Sriman. She is a local mom from Naperville who helped me get a better understanding of what EmotiPlush toys are and who they help. 

What type of child is best suited to play with EmotiPlush therapy dolls? 

It honestly helps any child who has trouble expressing themselves. It could be a child who is a trauma victim, a child with special needs, a hearing impaired child or any other child. 

Why will those children love your dolls?

-When they are pretend playing, children can mimic the emotions that they are having the toy express.

-It’s an attractive toy. 

-It’s small and easy for kids to carry. 

Why will parents love your dolls?

-It’s an educational product that teaches both social and emotional skills.

-It’s hygienic and can be easily washed in high temperatures.

-It’s very reasonably priced. 

What does each EmotiPlus doll cost and where can they be purchased? 

You can go to emoti-plush.com and purchase the toy for $35.  

Is there anything else you can share with me about your products?

The other important thing is that the dolls do come in different skin tones and genders. I think that’s important because a lot of dolls are catered towards girls. I think boys need to play with dolls too. 

For more information visit: facebook.com/Emotiplush.

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