Blue Man Group speaks’ to kids with special needs

It’s hard to believe, but Blue Man Group has been living in Chicago for 19 years, and on Nov. 12 it will host its 10,000th show.

It also was among the first shows to reach out to the autism community, with the first sensory-friendly show held in Chicago in 2014. This year, it has again teamed up with Autism Speaks to host another sensory-friendly show in Chicago at 4 p.m., Oct. 2.

Mary Grisolano, Blue Man Group’s general manager, says kids totally relate to the non-verbal Blue Man and connect to his child-like curiosity and sense of adventure. Plus, it’s a fun, visually stimulating show where kids don’t have to sit perfectly still and silent.

For people craving input or stimulation, Blue Man Group is a perfect show, she says. She says she hears from audience members all the time for whom Blue Man Group is the only show they’ve ever attended.

Autism Speaks helped Blue Man make modifications for its audiences of special needs in order to hit all of the right notes and portions of the proceeds go back to help Autism Speaks’ mission.

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