6 ways to survive bed rest

Your doctor has uttered those dreaded words–“Bed rest.” But before you resign yourself to a sentence of boredom and frustration, take heart! Here are some tried ‘n’ true ways to make the most out of an unplanned staycation:

Get friendly

Remember those friends, the ones you wish you could catch up with during hectic daily routines? Call, email, text and splurge on some fantastic stationery to write a stack of letters that would make your great-aunt Ethel proud.

Tune in

You know you have a queue of shows just primed for viewing. Start a series. Finish a series. Do it again—but in a completely different genre. Consume so many documentaries that you begin to speak in narration.

Become a bookworm

Read every last thing you’ve wanted to get your hands on since senior year of high school. Ever wanted to devour the classics, from Aesop to Zola? Now’s your chance—possibly the last one for roughly 18 years. This would also be an exceptional (and judgment-free) time to load up a Kindle’s worth of beach-worthy novels.

Clock in

Work from home! Employers are increasingly accommodating with folks working remotely and, best yet, if you can prove yourself a diligent and committed employee during this uncomfortable time, you’re pretty much golden for future requests and flexibility.

Get some zzz’s

Nap. Sweet heavens, nap. Take the advice of every parent that has ever come before you and indulge in the number one fantasy of mothers everywhere: sleep the uninterrupted sleep of the child-free and enjoy the heck out of the miracle that is midday slumber.

Take care

Most importantly, treat yourself kindly. Remind yourself that this imposed bed rest will ultimately keep you and your bambino healthy, so turn those lemons into lemonade—and don’t forget the umbrella and bendy straw.

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