3 easy ways to get more organized in the new year

There’s something to be said about a fresh start. While some may feel energized by the clean slate of the new year, a lot of us (especially parents) feel pressure to be perfect. Instead of trying to overhaul your entire life, why not start with these three easy steps?

Implement a family meeting

Once a week, set aside time to touch base as a family. Go over schedules, bills and anything you need to prepare for in the upcoming week. Not only will this improve communication and make the week run a little smoother, but it could also help you get to the new fitness class you’ve been wanting to try.

Create an easy meal rotation

Take the guesswork out of the inevitable “what’s for dinner” question by coming up with a meal rotation. For example: Monday could be “Meatless Monday,” Tuesday could be “Taco Tuesday” and Friday could be family pizza night. Having structure in your meal planning routine will make the habit less intimidating and more likely for you to stick to every week.

Here are some great weeknight meals to try:

Find a system to finally organize your family memories

The key to creating an organizational system is to start something you’ll stick to long term. When it comes to family memories, at the end of the day you need a way to digitally back up your photos and a way to preserve them. 

This could mean turning on the automatic back up to the cloud on your phone or ordering yearly family photobooks. Regardless, do what works for you and make it something easy so you’ll actually do it!

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