Choosing Healthy: Information, tips and recipes for your healthiest child in 2010

The headlines scream ‘Obesity: An American epidemic.’ It’s enough to make a parent want to ban all the “bad” foods kids love and lock up the video games. Yet, experts say, those tactics are not the answer to our kids’ growing waistlines. In fact, experts tell us, banning sweets, fast food and video games completely only makes a child crave them more.

The better approach is teaching by example lessons in moderation and smart choices kids can adopt as simple lifestyle changes that will carry them through a lifetime of healthy living. With the turning of the calendar to a new year, this month is a great time to get your family moving on a healthy journey.

In our special “Choosing Healthy” section this month, you’ll find tips from other parents, expert advice, and information to help you make 2010 your child’s healthiest year yet.


Find out your child’s risk for obesity with this handy BMI Calculator from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

New obesity numbers worry parents, doctors

Lack of physical education in schools, high rates of poverty and scarce access to healthy foods may be at the heart of Illinois’ childhood obesity problem, experts says. Go to article>>

The 12 commandments of healthy eating

From drinking milk at every meal to switching off the tube, 12 tips to get the best out of your family dinner. Go to article>>

Helping kids become socially healthy eaters

Studies show that kids are who they eat with. So set your kids up with healthy habits for noshing with friends. Go to article>>

Video: Body Mass Index and your child’s health

Body Mass Index is a crucial indicator of how healthy your child’s weight is. But it’s not always easy to make sense of. Dr. Lisa Thornton goes over a basic BMI chart and tells you what to watch for as your child grows. Go to article>>

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