Fun and (shhh) learning

From the editorWhether we soak up the sun and chlorine at the local pool or sit inside with the A/C and TV running, our kids are at risk.

Researchers tell us our kids can lose about two and a half months of math skills and can fall behind a whole year in reading over this little break from the books we call summer.

When we were kids our parents likely didn’t spend their energy puzzling over ways to prevent summer brain drain. It was enough that we were sufficiently occupied to stay out from under foot. But with today’s focus on standardized testing and achievement even at the earliest ages, we can’t afford to let our kids risk falling behind even a little bit.

So we need a plan, moms and dads.

But how to put together a summer full of creative lessons that feel more fun than educational that won’t need a lot of work or wads of cash?

Luckily, it’s easier than you might think, especially since our great windy city is filled with so many opportunities to learn about nature, diverse cultures, art, history, math, music and science (many of the activities are low cost or free).

This month we’ve seeded the start of your summer learning adventure by offering a few of our own great ideas and putting in your hands literally hundreds of things to do through our extensive calendar. Pair these ideas with your own and the summer enrichment packages your child’s teachers sent home and you’ll end with a summer to remember with your kids.

Besides all the fun (and shhh, learning), just think how nice it will be when the first few months of school don’t feel like such a struggle to get back on track.

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