Whitney Reynolds reaching new audiences

International Women’s Day is almost here and we have some news from a familiar face. TV personality Whitney Reynolds, of The Whitney Reynolds Show, was featured on the cover of our September 2016 issue, with her new twins Marlowe and Acher. She opened up about her journey to motherhood and the delicate balance of work and life. So we checked in again to see how things are going.

So, what’s the newest about the show?

We are now in six states! As you might know, The Whitney Reynolds Show was launched literally as a dream when I was 23. The goal was always to create positive change through delicate issues that we ALL face. With each new season, we want to reach more viewers with our topics and give them hope. Last fall I had the privilege to meet with WJCT, Jacksonville, Fla.’s PBS station, and share our vision. With excitement, I am happy to share we are moving our mission forward.

When we chatted with you back in 2016 you mentioned work/life balance. Where are you at now with that?

Well my term “beautiful chaos” is still in full motion. Each new month is seriously a new part of the learning curve. I feel as long as I have “balance” as a goal in the forefront of my mind, I am on the right track. We might have chaos but to me it’s beautiful!

On International Women’s Day, what do you want other women leaders to know?

You can be that little girl with a dream turned woman on a mission. I had a unique childhood with some major family challenges. In the midst of it all, I still found my dream at a young age. I worked hard to develop that dream and landed amazing TV positions post college. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-20s, when I had a full ‘turn on the lights’ moment with my life. I connected some major dots and realized there were other kids out there like me with a delicate story. I then made it my mission to be a safe platform for their topic and also facilitate hope in the process. That’s when I became a woman on a mission! And I’ll tell you what, dream turned mission is unstoppable.

How can Chicago get involved with The Whitney Reynolds Show:

I started TWRS in Chicago almost 10 years ago and could not have picked a stronger home base. This city is my family’s chosen home and we are dedicated to helping our neighbors across the Chicagoland find inspiration in their stories. We want everyone to know they are not alone and their journey matters. We love to hear from our audience! Together, let’s move the mission forward.

Tune in to Whitney’s new season March 25 at 6:30 p.m. on Lakeshore PBS. Want tickets to her premiere party? CLICK HERE.

For more info visit www.whitneyreynolds.com or follow on social Instagram @whitney_reynolds

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