5 at-home services for busy Chicago parents

You’re tired. Cold. Busy. Child is napping. What if you could wave a magic fairy wand and get your to-do list done from the comfort of your couch? New technology and working parents being busier has increased the number of home delivery services that many Chicago-area residents are thrilled to have offered to them.

Here are my top four wishes available in my neck of the woods – Skokie and Evanston. Grab your magic wand and get ready to relax.


Who hasn’t had that “Oh no!” moment when you are down to the last diaper? Or, run to make dinner only to find out that you’re out of an ingredient. What to do? Wave that wand and wish on Instacart. This new grocery delivery service provides same-day delivery (and often in just an hour or two) and is now available for most major grocery chains. In our area, Jewel, Mariano’s, Costco, Food 4 Less and Whole Foods are the stores partnered with Instacart’s personal shoppers. Recently, I was desperate for eggs. You get free delivery on your first order so I put in my order for eggs and some other items on my shopping list and bam! Two hours later, a lovely young woman texted me to say she was on her way. She hand-delivered groceries with a smile and I felt that magic power of the wand.

Cleaner Options

There is nothing more frustrating for a working parent than having a business meeting coming up and having a wrinkled suit that needs to go to the cleaners. This scenario has happened so many times in my house. Until a magical knock at my door changed our dry cleaning lives. Cleaner Options, new to my area in Skevanston, offered a discounted trial for pickup/drop off dry cleaning. This service has literally been a godsend for more than one business meeting or community event. Price points are really comparable to what I was paying prior to me doing the drop-off/pickup and now our clothing is always pressed and ready in the closet.

Drop By Gorgeous

I’ve had moments where I wake up, look at the mess of hair in the mirror and wish for my personal hair stylist to arrive and do me over. Yet, no one has ever shown up at my door – yet. However, Drop By Gorgeous could be the answer to my very real beauty emergencies. Owner Meagan Hauser’s in-home service provides a full-service traveling salon with appointments available same-day within three hours of booking (can you believe it?). They offer hair, color, nails, waxing, facials and all the things we dream up on a bad-hair day. This is an amazing service for a working mom, a new mom, a mom with little ones still at home or someone who just really needs some pampering one day. Prices are surprisingly very affordable and my friends who use Drop By Gorgeous’ services are thrilled with the results.

Stella & Dot Jewelry

On a whim, I decided I needed to have more fun in my wardrobe. I have only ever worn my engagement ring and wedding band and wanted to bump up the jewelry quotient in my life without spending a fortune. Upon a recommendation from a friend, Stella & Dot Jewelry set up shop in my dining room and I had a few friends over for drinks and mommy time. We shopped with our personal stylist, Robyn Cohen, and became even more fabulous. It was a great evening for moms in the neighborhood who find it difficult to ever get together and hang with the ladies. I also found the sale to be fun and no pressure shopping. It’s a great in-home service and the stylist will even help you match a piece to your wardrobe.

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