Wacky baby shower games

Diaper-changing races, bottles-‘o-beer, and a strange game of doll-kissing that we still can’t explain. We asked you what the weirdest game you’ve ever played at a baby shower was, and here’s what you came back with.

“The wackiest game played at my baby shower was smelling diapers filled with baby food and other food products like chocolate. My guests and myself had to identify the foods on the dirty diapers-it really looked like poop. YUK! I was actually nauseated after smelling so many dirty diapers.”

-Maribel Sotelo

“We had a co-ed shower so we had a game for the guys. My husband and some of the other guys had a race to see who could diaper, dress and swaddle their life-size baby doll the fastest. It was pretty disturbing to see how these men handled the little baby dolls! Of course my husband was so careful with his baby, he lost. So funny though.”

-Gabriele Shilkaitis

“My sister filled clear baby bottles with beer and put different food coloring in each. She put a bib on each of the guys, made them choose a bottle and lie on the floor. Their spouses fed them the bottle and the first to finish won. The guys had no idea what was in the baby bottles and put up such a fight over doing this. It was so funny I thought I would deliver right there.”

-Gail Ann Gentile “A baby doll was passed around and every guest in the room was asked to kiss the dolly. After every person kissed the doll, they had to kiss me in the same spot they had kissed the baby doll. OMG, this was wacky and funny. I was kissed on my behind, my ear lobe, my neck, my feet, my belly button, my boobies (every part of the body you could think of, I was kissed!)”

-Prisca Gonzalez

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