Pregnancy can affect your teeth

It’s a myth that “one tooth is lost with every pregnancy,” the Academy of General Dentistry says. But pregnancy may cause unexpected dental problems. Here’s what the academy says you need to know:

How does gingivitis affect my baby’s health?

Research suggests a link between pre-term delivery, low birthweight babies and gingivitis. Excessive bacteria can enter the bloodstream and travel to the uterus.

What are pregnancy tumors?

Pregnant women are at risk for developing pregnancy tumors-inflammatory, non-cancerous growths that develop between the teeth or when swollen gums become irritated. The tumors shrink on their own after birth.

Are there any dental procedures I should avoid?

Routine exams and cleanings can be performed throughout pregnancy; however, non-emergency procedures should only be performed during the second trimester of pregnancy.

For more information, check out the Academy of General Dentistry’s new Web site, .

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