5 Quick Tips to Get Your Home Organized This Spring

After being stuck in the house all winter and everything feels gloomy, spring makes us want to freshen up our spaces. When everything has a home, it’s easier to find things and cleanup is less of a chore. That’s a win-win in our book! Here are some easy ways to get your home ready.

Create a drop spot!

Set out a large rolling basket (like a hamper) where kids can place items as they are done playing with them. It’s a lot easier to manage the mess this way – and cleanup is contained.

Designate zones … just like you would in a pantry.

Group the items and contain them by category. We like using clear stackable bins for small to medium items, large floor baskets for bulky items, and divided turntables for art supplies.

Don’t get too specific with your categories … or else it will be impossible to maintain.

For instance, it’s OK to put the Barbies and the Shopkins together. Or the Duplos with the Legos. All that really matters is that items end up in a bin at the end of the day.

Label everything!

This includes sorting items by color. We love using the ROYGBIV method (organizing by colors of the rainbow) in a playroom. It’s not only beautiful, it’s also a user-friendly system that makes cleanup more of a game!

When purging items, NEVER ask a child if they still like something.

They will always say yes, even if they’ve never touched it before. Just go with your gut.


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