Products for mom and dad

Sidecar Sling by Sidecar Designs, LLC


Parent: A+

Baby: A-

The product claims to provide a fashionable way to"wear your baby” on your body—front, side or back. The sling, meant for babies birth to 35 pounds, works. I tried the sling in a variety of positions and used it both indoors and outdoors.

I would absolutely recommend this product.

It took me a few tries to properly place my baby in the sling. It would have been easier to watch someone model the proper placement.

The best thing about the Sidecar Sling is it is much more fashionable than the Bjorn I’ve been using with my baby. Although the price is on the expensive side, it is justifiable because you can use it for several months. If Angelo was fussy, I would place him in the sling, walk around and he immediately became content.

Kathleen May Ruggio, Chicago

“Due Dads: The Man’s Survival Guide to Pregnancy” by Monterey Video


Dad: D

This DVD claims to prepare expectant fathers for the trials and tribulations of their partner’s pregnancy. While it constantly reminds expectant fathers to be sensitive to their partners’ needs, the hosts are terribly annoying.

I would not recommend this DVD. Any pregnancy book will cover all of the topics with more rigour and you won’t have to listen to the hosts.

This product is not very good at delivering useful information about pregnancy. The skits take too long to give a small amount of information.

The hosts are grating and are completely unfunny. From one somewhat experienced father to another, skip this one.

Christopher Hamer, Oak Park

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