4 must-haves for nursing moms

Sweet Eliette Rose (aka Baby E) made her fast and furious appearance on March 24 (after just two hours of labor!). We’ve spent the past three weeks loving on her, getting used to our new normal as a family of four and trying to fall into a somewhat regular nursing routine. Although I nursed my older daughter, I quickly learned that just as every baby is different, every breastfeeding experience is bound to be as well. Here are some of the products that have helped me this time around.

Dressed to Deliver 3-in-1 Birthing Gown

If you’re not a fan of hospital gowns (and really, who is?), and the thought of laboring and delivering your sweet babe while wearing one isn’t high on your list of “Things I’m Looking Forward To,” then this birthing gown is perfect for you.

Discreet and strategically placed snaps give doctors and nurses easy access for fetal monitoring, IV and epidural administration, and postpartum healing inspections, making this gown function just like a traditional hospital gown (but obviously look and feel 10 times better). Not only that, you can also wear these gowns during your last trimester of pregnancy and again once your baby arrives during skin-to-skin bonding and nursing.

I was looking forward to wearing this birthing gown while I labored in the hospital. Unfortunately, because Eliette was so anxious to meet her family, I never got the chance to. I did, however, change into this gown after delivery and have worn it numerous times while at home, and it ended up being just as perfect postpartum for nursing as I’m sure it would have been during labor.

Dressed to Deliver gowns retail for $69.99+ CAD (about $57+ USD) and are available in a variety of styles and colors. *I’m wearing the Urbana Birthing Gown.*

Milkees Milk-Saver

Any nursing mom will tell you how precious her breastmilk is. This clever little product gives moms a way to save every last drop of their liquid gold.

I love how simple these are to use. While breastfeeding on one side, just pop the Milk-Saver into your bra or nursing tank on the opposite side. It will collect any leaking milk, which previously would have soaked into a nursing pad and been lost. Pour the milk into a bottle or milk storage bag to feed to your baby at a later time.

The Milk-Saver is a little bulky, so it’s probably not the best to use when you’re out and about, but for home use, it’s great.

Milkees Milk-Savers retail for $27.95.

Lassig Allover Nursing Cover

For me, a nursing cover is a must when feeding my daughter in public. It’s the only way I feel comfortable.  So I’m always looking for something functional and stylish that preferably doesn’t scream “Nursing Cover.” Lassig’s Allover Cover fits the bill.

I’m a scarf girl, and this cover looks just like a cute accessory. I can wrap it around my neck and no one is the wiser. Then, when the time comes to breastfeed, I simply drape it over my shoulders and my girl and I are able to have a little privacy.

Lassig Allover Nursing Covers retail for $39.99 and are available in nine colors.

Lasinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

I’ve tried a few different brands when it comes to disposable nursing pads and the Lasinoh brand is my hands-down favorite. I used them with Eden and now again with Eliette.

I love that each pad comes individually wrapped and I can just throw a few in my diaper bag or purse. The double sticky helps keep the pad in place, the darted, contoured design molds to your body, and the super absorbent lining can hold a good amount of milk leakage.

Lasinoh Disposable Nursing Pads are available at many different retailers such as Target and Diapers.com. They retail for $6.99 and up.

What products have made your nursing experiences a little easier? I’m on the hunt for the best hands-free nursing bra because before I know it, I’ll be returning to work. Any recommendations?

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