Not-so-obvious ways to enhance your hospital stay

You’ve stashed an adorable homecoming outfit and everything else your newbie will need, but taking time to prep a few things for yourself will help make the hospital stay better for the whole family. You’ve got this!

Made for mama

A diffuser with calming lavender oil and LED candles can keep the delivery room as relaxing as it can be when, you know, a baby is on the way.

Words can be powerful! Print out inspirational sayings, a single word or anything else that will encourage you during delivery. The paper takes up a small space, but equipping a husband, doula or other support person with just what you need to hear can make a big difference.

Think about that one beauty item that you can’t live without. For me, it was my favorite lip balm, aka an adult lovey. During labor, putting this lip balm on gave me a sense of normalcy. Maybe for you it’s a fave hand lotion or something else? Just be sure to pack it and let your peeps know what your go-to item is before the push-a-thon begins.

The dad list

Being a support person is an intense job, and while we personally had a positive experience at the hospital, there were a few places dads can be overlooked. Dads-to-be can prepare by throwing in a couple of key items for themselves.

If you are normally a debit card kind of guy, don’t forget some small bills and change. Hospital food service is often just for moms, so dads might need to hit up the good ol’ vending machines for a midnight snack.

Our recovery room looked more like a hotel room than a hospital room, but my husband still had to sleep on the couch! Dads, if there is anything that will help you get some shut-eye, like a compact sleeping bag, bring it! Trust me, a well-rested dad is good for everyone as the newborn marathon begins.

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