Hospital bag 101

A frequent question Bump Club and Beyond gets at its BCBUMPs Expectant Moms Dinner is “What do I pack in my hospital bag?”

Some of our favorites include:

Nursing tank

This will become a wardrobe staple once baby arrives. They are easy, provide coverage and support, and most importantly, are incredibly comfortable. Bravado’s Essential Nursing Tank is hands-down the best.

Personal effects

No matter where you deliver, the hospital is no Four Seasons. Bring your own toiletries. Pick up trial sizes at Target or Walgreens, or Push Pack makes a prepackaged bag filled with all of the personal items you need.

Photo accessories for baby

Grab a cute hat or blanket to personalize your baby’s first photoshoot! Twinkle Twinkle Little One (2007 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago) has a great selection.

Lip balm

No one tells you this, but it is VERY dry in the hospital. Be prepared with your favorite lip balm. (Eos and good old Vaseline are faves at BCB.)

Flip flops

For the same reason you bring your own toiletries, you won’t want bare feet when you are at the hospital. Flip flops are easy to slip on to go to the bathroom or to take a walk to try to get labor moving.

Big bath towel& pillow

The towels are small, and extra pillows can be hard to come by in the hospital. Bring your own for maximum comfort while you’re there. (If you’re planning on nursing, grab your nursing pillow, too.)

Loose fitting clothing for mom

People don’t talk about the fact that you are not back to your pre-baby clothes when you walk out of the hospital. It’s important to bring comfy clothes. Loose fitting pants and the Nursing Poncho by Molly Ades is great for your hospital stay and beyond. If you get cute pjs at your shower, save them for when you get home.

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