11 great books for grands and kids to share on Grandparents Day

Whether near or far, grandparents treasure their relationships with their grandkids. Call them Nana, Grandma, Mama, Pappy, Papa, Grandpa or Gramps, this Grandparents Day (Sept. 8), the whole family can cuddle up with these books for a good read. 

Grandma Wishes & Grandpa’s Wish List, by Julia Lobo and Madison Lodi

Ages: 0-3

These board books tell the stories of special stars for grandmas to wish on and lists that grandpas make to prepare for a new baby (like shining a trumpet). They are perfect to keep at grandma’s house for littles to have read to them on visits. 

My Grandpa is NOT Grumpy, by Kally Mayer

Ages: 3-8

Maybe you, too, have heard the rumors that grandpas are grumpy. You would be too if you didn’t have hair, lost your glasses and had to cut your toenails. The narrator in this book, instead, remembers all the fun and love she has with her grandpa, who is NOT grumpy! 

40 uses for a Grandpa and 41 uses for a Grandma, by Harriet Ziefert

Ages: 4-10

Without much explanation, but with fantastic illustrations by Amanda Haley, the uses for grandparents are deftly laid out. Taxis, nurses, playdates, farmers, hair braiders, secret keepers and personal shoppers are just a few that help grandkids know that grandparents aren’t just for holidays. 

The Truth About Grandparents, by Elina Ellis

Ages: 4-8

With humor and fantastic illustrations, Ellis dispels a few myths about grandparents: that they’re not bendy, or don’t like to try new things. Fun for all ages, though young kids who see their grandparents often will find themselves in the shoes of the narrator. 

How To Babysit a Grandma/Grandpa, by Jean Reagan

Ages: 4-8

It’s not easy babysitting grandmas and grandpas for the first time. You have to dress up, know what they like and have lists of activities ready to try. Of course, you have to let grandparents pick their favorites. Sometimes, you’ll be lucky enough to stay the night so you can try everything! 

Grandpa’s Stories, by Joseph Coelho & Allison Colpoys

Ages: 5-10

This story of love and loss is best recommended for older kids who understand losing a grandparent and savoring the memories. The subtitle to this story is “A book of Remembering,” and serves as a remedy for kids who recently lost a grandparent or who struggle after losing one. 

Grandpa Monty’s Muddles, by Marta Zafrilla

Ages: 5-10

For older kids who know and understand someone with memory loss, Grandpa Monty will be recognizable. Helping kids understand aging while teaching compassion, this book does both in a humorous way while holding onto the love.

Stuff Every Grandmother Should Know, by Joyce Eisenberg & Ellen Scolnic

Ages: Grandparents

From picking a grandmother name to grandmother getaways with tweens, this tiny tome is perfect for new grandmas. It’s a great way to announce a coming baby (there’s a section on prepping for a new baby including baby showers and what not to cook for pregnant women) or for friends who are new to the grandma scene. 

Stuff Every Grandfather Should Know, by James Knipp

Ages: Grandparents

Like the companion book for grandmas, the grandfather book is perfect for a new grandpa, including a quiz to help new papas learn what kind of grandfather they are/want to be (Handyman Grandfather, Funnyman Grandfather, Cool Grandfather, etc.). There is a chapter on “Working with your co-conspirator” (aka, Grandma), and another on “What to Do When You’re Overruled.”

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