Fun with babies

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Moms and dads took some time out to share their favorite things to do with their babies. Here are just a few of their ideas. For more, check out the discussion forums at and even add your own favorites.

“What do I enjoy doing most with my baby? What don’t I enjoy!?! Everything from reading to him to playing pat-a-cake to counting his fingers and toes! Although he is our third baby, experiencing everything new again never gets old. I love every moment!”

Dawn Listner

“We love to listen to music and dance. We enjoy reading books together and swinging in the swing. It is great to be a parent. I love when he learns new things each day.”

Jackie Yarka

“With three little ones all under 3, I’m on the floor all the time. What I love most is watching them learn new things. The very first time they roll over or crawl, or even touch something they have been reaching for, that big, bright look of"I did it!” can’t be beat. Babies are day after day of exploring and wonder. I love them.”

Daniella Vaca

“What I enjoy the most with my baby is watching her smile/laugh at all the silly faces and noises I make. To hear her loud laughter brings me so much joy and happiness. Babies are truly a blessing. I never knew I could love this way until I started having children.”

Ara Sotelo-Cambray

"I'm especially going to enjoy when my baby calls me"Daddy" for the first time."


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