Find time for fun

After 40 weeks (more or less), you finally have your baby boy or girl in your arms. If this is your first foray into parenthood, though, you may not know exactly what to do with yourself or your little one besides the necessities.

That’s where The Rookie Mom’s Handbook (Quirk Books, $14.95) comes in. Written by moms Heather Gibbs and Whitney Moss, this book offers 250 activities to do with your bundle of joy or during that rare adult time.

The book is divided by your baby’s age, with simple activities such as “take a nice hot shower” and “take picture of sleeping baby” at 1 month and more advanced ideas such as “plan an overnight getaway with another family” and “decorate baby clothes with fabric paint” at 6 months. Some other activities include “go retro at a drive-in movie” at 3 months, “host an ugly baby (clothes) contest” at 4 months and “e-mail your baby” at 9 months.

Whether you’re home full-time or balancing time between work and family, you’re bound to find some fun ideas here.

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