Favorite baby books

Readers share their favorite baby books.

“My favorite book as a child was Green Eggs and Ham and I still love reading it to my 6-year-old daughter.”

Heather Davey

“My favorite book as a child was In a People House. I started reading it to my kids when they were little and now as they learn how to read they are reading it to me.”

Robyn Westfallen

“Where the Wild Things Are was my favorite book as a child. I still have the one from my childhood with an inscription my mother wrote to me. When I read it to my children, I am reminded of the times my mom read to me.”

Melody Murphy

“My favorite book as a child was Shake My Sillies Out by Raffi. I actually just found it at my mom’s house the other day. I just read it to both my kids and they loved it. It’s a great book because it’s interactive and gets you moving.”

Heather Holtz

“My favorite book was The B Book. My mom tells me that we brought it on a flight from South Carolina to Seattle and by the time we landed the man in front of us could recite it. I still have my copy and all three of my kids were read it.”

Teresa Schneider

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