Easy ways to unplug and reconnect

Set purpose

Create your own posters with intention to create discussion and awareness. Help fill in the blank with, “WE UNPLUG TO ______.” Kids will love to share the reasons they unplug and this helps parents focus on why they are unplugging as well.

Explore and find adventure

Kids were born unplugged, so let them return to that. Set out on a scavenger hunt, whether through your local forest preserve or even just your neighborhood. Create a list together of items to find and get exploring.

Game on

Sometimes there is nothing better than a family game night. Break out those board games that don’t require technology like Clue, Monopoly, Sorry or Scrabble, and get your competition on. 

Play together

Whether it’s throwing a ball around or having a family soccer game, get outside and actually play together. In your yard or local park, play those childhood games you use to love like tag, red-rover, kickball or capture the flag.

Make a meal

Without Pinterest and your favorite cooking app, set out to make a meal together. Use those cookbooks that have been collecting dust on your shelf to brainstorm a menu or create your own! Then head to the grocery store together to shop. Divide the prepping, chopping and baking to create a delicious meal together as a family.

Back to books    

Put down those Kindles and iPads and pick up a good ol’ paper book. Start reading a chapter book as a family and keep going each night. Try books like “Charlotte’s Web,” “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” “James and the Giant Peach,” or “Because of Winn-Dixie.” 

Take this 24-hour break from technology and enjoy the simple stuff. You may find yourself choosing to be unplugged more regularly.

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