What’s in your (diaper) bag?

Baby is finally here and you’re getting ready to introduce her to the world. Your first outing may be to see your little one’s doctor, but making sure that you’ve got everything you need is almost as important as that visit.

The foundation of your little one’s bag essentials is a functional diaper bag, one that enables you to carry everything you need without feeling like you’ve packed everything but the kitchen sink.

Topping the list of best bags around is Skip Hop’s Forma diaper backpack, $70. With its sleek style, endless compartments and “attach to stroller” option, it’s no wonder moms everywhere are flocking to it. Backpacks are especially nice because they allow your hands to be free should you need them for extra cuddles.

Real Chicago moms share:

What are your diaper bag essentials?

“The last thing you want as a mother is to be stressed while you’re out, so I bring the essentials—diapers, bottles and extra outfits. I also bring along a grocery bag, in case I have to change my son while out. Should an accident occur, the dirty clothes won’t be thrown into the clean diaper bag.”

Aundrea, mom of three (ages 7, 3 and 4 months)

“Obvious stuff aside, I always have board books, snacks and sanitizer stashed inside my diaper bag. Books keep my little one occupied in the car or doctor’s office. Snacks are pure magic when my kid’s about to lose it in public, and sanitizer is a must-have for any germaphobe!”

Lizzie, mom to Emmeline, 15 months

What is the strangest thing you carry?

The weirdest thing I carry in my diaper bag is dish soap. I’m a first-time mom so I’m always worried that other dish soaps will leave a funny taste in my daughter’s bottles. I’m sure with the second baby my diaper bag will be about 15 pounds lighter.

Sara Tomazin, mom of Tessa, La Grange Park

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