7 simple ways to save money planning a kid’s birthday party

My husband and I are currently in the process of planning our son Marcelino’s first birthday party. The party theme is Star Wars and we plan on inviting our closest family and friends.

As first time parents, we had no idea how expensive parties can actually get. But, luckily for my husband, I am a bargain shopper who loves saving money and knows how to stretch a dollar.

Here are seven of my tried-and-true ways to save money when organizing a kids birthday party.

For invitations: Etsy.com

Order your kids invitations from Etsy. You can tailor them to include or say exactly what you would like, and then download and print them all off at home. Easy!

For tableware: Your local big box grocery store

Purchase all of your tableware (cups, plates, utensils and napkins) from your big box local grocery store, such as Costco. Since they sell their products in bulk, you can plan for multiple parties over time, rather than just one. Just make sure you have the space to store them.

For decorations: Your local dollar store

Pro tip: Buy all of your decorations at your local dollar store. They often have a huge selection for birthday parties and if some of the decor gets ruined and can’t be reused (streamers, for example), it’s OK because it was only a dollar.

For party favors: orientaltrading.com

Oriental Trading offers a ton of festive party favors and they are sold in bulk. If you are inviting a lot of kids, you can fill up their goodie bags with fun treats without breaking the bank.

For entertainment: Hire someone you know

Consider hiring a local family member or friend who is a professional entertainer. It will not only give business to someone you know but, hopefully, they will give you a good price!

For food: Order pizza from your local pizzeria

Talk to the owner at your local pizzeria. They may be able to give you a special price on their pizzas, especially if you frequent their business often.

For cake: Your local grocery store’s bakery

Grocery stores offer a huge variety of options to choose from at many different price points. You can also check with a family member or friend that likes to bake and see if they can make your party cake or cupcakes.

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