5 cashless Tooth Fairy traditions to start

When I was growing up, I was obsessed with the Tooth Fairy. I was infatuated with her tiny world. I would always make up stories about her workshop and the cool things she’d do with all of the teeth.


But for a kid who was all Tooth Fairy all of the time, the least exciting part to me was the amount of money she left under my pillow. As a child in grade school, I didn’t appreciate money. Does any child really? When I wanted something, most of the time, I’d get it with good behavior. That’s why I always wished my Tooth Fairy would have been a bit more creative in what she left behind.


I’m not saying my parents were wrong by following the age-old tradition of exchanging my pearly whites for money, but now that my kids are around the age where they’ll start to lose teeth, I decided to make the experience more memorable for them by going cashless, or at least, accompanying the cash with some fun ideas below.


Blind bags


Thanks to YouTube, blind bags are an obsession in my house. Whether it’s a LOL Surprise, Pikmi Pop or blind bag inspired by a favorite show, I know that my kids would love opening something that their very own Tooth Fairy handpicked for them.


Certificate or receipt


These are as much for parents as they are for kiddos, as marking the occasion of losing baby teeth will make a nostalgic trip down memory lane one day. A search for a fancy certificate or receipt from the Tooth Fairy turns up hundreds of results of free printables on Pinterest. You can also have a little fun with this by providing your child with a tooth health report.


Dental swag bag


Seeing how much emphasis the Tooth Fairy places on dental health might spark an interest in dental hygiene from your kiddo. Fun items to include are a toothbrush of your child’s favorite character, silly-flavored toothpaste (birthday cake, chocolate) and animal-shaped dental floss.


Keepsake pillows


Mostly for the loss of a first tooth, I’ve seen some adorable personalized tooth-shaped keepsake pillows with a tiny pocket to hold teeth. Giving your kiddo something like this with the loss of their first tooth will create a special experience for them and give them something to look forward to doing each time they lose another.


Wishing Stones


Made from the baby teeth of millions of kids (or so I thought when I was growing up), the Tooth Fairy could leave a bag of brightly-colored magical wishing stones under your little one’s pillow. This could lead to a fun new routine for them before bedtime.


Sparkling glitter


Looking for creative ways to prove to your child that the Tooth Fairy visited them during the night? It’s all about the sparkle! Leave glitter footprints in their room or sprinkle some glitter near the window sill. If you opt to go the money route, you can even glitter up a coin or dollar bill.


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