Should you test the sex of your baby?

The baby guessing game can sustain you for months. Some parents want to know right away if baby is a him or a her. Some wait.

“I did not find out the sex of my baby. The main reason is because there are not many surprises in life and my husband and I wanted to have this as a surprise.”

-Karen Tindle

“My husband and I really wanted to know the sex of our baby because it was our first baby and we were extremely excited. When my husband was told it was a boy, I saw a tear run down his face. That moment was priceless. I’d do it all over again.”

-Emile’ Payne

“We didn’t find out the sex of any of our children because we love the anticipation it creates-like waiting for Christmas! It also drives the rest of our families crazy, which my husband and I find a little humorous.”

-Dawn Listner

“We found out the sex of our boy/girl twins just to be ready with everything before they arrived and it was a good thing, too, because once they came, 24 hours in a day were not enough for us!”

-Aparna Neelgar

“I absolutely found out the sex of all my kiddos. I have two girls and am now pregnant with a BOY! We are over-the-moon excited and I am so glad to be able to prepare and have his room all done. I am a planner and want to have everything bought and in order before his arrival.”

-Heather Davey

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