11 books for new babies, new parents and new grandparents

Reading and babies are as natural as peanut butter and jelly, smelling and roses or diapers and wipes. For first-time parents or for parents with kids that are coming, publishers are churning out 2019 books that are the perfect additions to any registry. We’ve also included a few for first-time moms, dads and grandparents, too. 

First Concept Bath Books: Colors & Shapes

These are great for bath play and for teething babies. Water-proof and filled with foam, the First Concept Bath Books are touchable, bendable, squeezable and develop sensory awareness while showing shapes and colors. 

A Flip-Flap Book: Hide-and-Sleep, by Lizi Boyd

Board books dominate the library, especially for the first few years. Kiddos just learning to turn pages can manipulate board books more easily, and they aren’t destroyed as quickly during the teething months. Hide-and-Sleep is unique with Dutch Door-like pages that show half turns and ask questions for older kids to answer. Babies and toddlers will love the pictures, action and constant movement. 

My Magical Mermaid

With objects to pull, slide and spin, babies and toddlers can help the mermaid swim, sing and change costumes. The bright colors are engaging and the introduction to instruments and aquatic animals is fun for the senses. 

You Are New, by Lucy Knisley

The hardcover book is from the humorous mind of Knisley, a Chicago graphic novelist. An adorable look at babies as they grow, the prose is fun and the “newness” of life’s moments are introduced in the wonderful all-ages book. 

A Twin is to Hug, by Boni Ashburn

Great for multiples, the poetry of the rhyming words becomes a great reminder when twins are asked to share (“Everything. Always. And no, it’s not fair,” writes Ashburn). But also, the wonder of growing with a twin remains a mystery for those who don’t have one. 

Indestructibles, by Maddie Frost

With new titles “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” joining the Indestructibles catalog, this line of books is baby-friendly and necessary for new parents. The books are made of non-toxic, cloth-like paper that is washable, chew proof and rip proof. Roll ’em up and stash them in a purse or diaper bag and they’ll be as good as new. 

Mom and Me, Me and Mom, by Miguel Tanco

A light, bright story about and for new moms. The prose is perfect for young ears while the tale is a loving reminder for new, tired parents. 

Is That Your Dad?

Much like a flap book, there’s some interactivity as Froggy tries to find his dad, cycling through the animals of the jungle. Kids will see the faces change on the lion, monkey, parrot and bear as Froggy searches for Dad. 

A Father’s Love, by Hannah Holt

The charming poetry marries perfectly with the teaching lessons about dads in the animal kingdom – from lions to seahorses – and bright colors are addressed and noted throughout the book. A great bedtime story, naptime tale or anytime book for all ages. 

Stuff Every Grandmother Should Know, by Joyce Eisenberg & Ellen Scolnic

From picking a grandmother name to grandmother getaways with tweens, this tiny tome is perfect for new grandmas. It’s a great way to announce a coming baby (there’s a section on prepping for a new baby including baby showers and what not to cook for pregnant women) or for friends who are new to the grandma scene. 

Stuff Every Grandfather Should Know, by James Knipp

Like the companion book for grandmas, the grandfather book is perfect for a new grandpa, including a quiz to help new papas learn what kind of grandfather they are/want to be (Handyman Grandfather, Funnyman Grandfather, Cool Grandfather, etc.). There is a chapter on “Working with your Coconspirator” (aka, Grandma), and another on “What to Do When You’re Overruled.”

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