Back to work after baby: 3 style solutions for working moms

I knew that the day was coming eventually, but I tried to put it out of my mind for as long as possible. When I could no longer ignore it, I faced reality: Three months after having Ellie, I was going back to work.

Panic set in. Not because I was leaving my baby. I had already done it once before with Eden and while it was very difficult then, I was feeling more at ease with it this time around. I would only be 10 minutes away, and I knew the girls would be in very capable hands with my mom.

No, my worry was this: Supermodel/actress I am not, and three months after childbirth, I was not back to my pre-pregnancy size and I had no idea what I was going to wear!

My maternity clothes were too big and my pre-pregnancy clothes were too small or didn’t fit correctly. Plus, I would be pumping during the day, so whatever I wore would have to be able to accommodate that.

And while milk-stained nursing tanks and pajama pants were perfectly fine (and comfortable!) attire for hanging around my house, I don’t think my co-workers would appreciate that unkempt look.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered a few products to help me feel confident and comfortable with my post-baby body while at work.

Belly Bandit

I will admit that I was hoping this product would be the magical solution to fitting back into my old jeans. Magic it was not, but it was helpful. During the time I wore it, I did notice a few changes: my stomach appeared tighter and my back was straighter. Combined with some light (and I do mean light) exercise and healthy eating, I was able to shed a bit of baby fat from my midsection. I think if I had used it immediately after delivery (it’s best used during the first six to eight weeks), my results would have been even greater.

The Belly Bandit Original retails for $49.95.

Boob nursing dresses

I knew that I would need easy-access, comfortable clothes to wear to work in order to pump quickly and efficiently. But I also wanted to still look professional and pulled together. Enter Boob nursing dresses. Each dress comes fitted with an overlap of fabric that can be pulled up to pump and looks no different from a regular dress when pulled down. Plus the designs are super cute and feminine.

Boob nursing dresses retail for $40+.

Pocket Poppet cardigan

A cardigan is my go-to piece of clothing no matter what size I am, but postpartum especially, because of its ability to conceal imperfections, yet still flatter. Pocket Poppet cardigans are a new favorite of mine. Not only are they super comfortable, but they’re also designed to fold in on themselves into a convenient little carrying case. And I’m all about less bulk to carry around.

Fun fact: Pocket Poppets are made in Chicago!

Pocket Poppet cardigans retail for $99+.

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