5 baby shower gifts for every type of mom-to-be

The fashion lover

Freshly Picked baby moccasins

I know I can’t be the only mom out there who likes planning cute outfits for their kids. Luckily, my 3-year-old indulges me as I tuck in shirts, cuff jeans, add a scarf and smooth stray hairs until they are just right. Even if it only looks perfect for five minutes (usually the case) that’s enough time for me to feel good and to snap a photo! What can I say, life’s little pleasures.

I can’t wait to go to town on my new little one and see what kind of sweet outfits I can come up with. One baby fashion trend that I’ve been dying to test out are soft-soled moccasins.

In the world of baby moccs, Freshly Picked is the gold standard. The durable, supple 100 percent leather or suede footwear is handmade to last and would make the perfect baby shower gift for a fashion-forward new mom-to-be.

Freshly Picked moccasins retail for $60 and are available in more than 30 colors. I’m loving Spark (a bright, fire engine red), Gold (a glam step-up from neutral beige), Neon Green (an eye-catching pop of color for spring) and Glacier (an icy, pale blue).

Feeling a little more generous? Freshly Picked recently debuted the Bringing Home Baby Bundle (retails for $140), an all-in-one bag featuring a pair of moccs, a robe for mom, a swaddle blanket and more.

The crunchy mom

Ergobaby Wrap Carrier

Eden was a September baby, and because she was born three weeks early and I was coming off of 14 weeks on bed rest, I rarely ventured out of the house during those last few nice days of fall before the colder weather hit.

Because Baby E will be a spring baby and I have a toddler now who won’t be content just sitting in the house after being cooped up all winter, I’m so excited to use my Ergobaby wrap carrier for walks, trips to the park and to visit my co-workers at Chicago Parent!

This is a versatile shower gift because it doesn’t matter if the mom-to-be is a pro at babywearing or a newbie trying it for the first time. The strong and stretchy 4D Stretch material will give her peace of mind that baby will be safe and comfortable.

She can even wear it before baby arrives using the special pregnancy tie to support her belly.

The Ergobaby wrap retails for $80 and is available in three colors.

The sports fanatic

Teamees sports-inspired baby blankets

Most expectant moms-to-be will undoubtedly receive a few sweet, pastel-colored receiving or swaddle blankets at her baby shower. And she’ll surely love them, but who ever said baby blankets can’t have a little personality?

We’re a football family in my house (ILL-INI and Da Bears!) and I was so excited to discover the adorable sports-themed blankets from Teamees.

The collection features football, basketball, soccer and baseball-shaped plush minky blankets and organic cotton burp cloths. The super soft blankets come in three sizes (25”, 35” and 45”) and you can even order the 35” football blanket in your favorite team’s colors. This is one unique shower gift that dad will love, too!

Teamees blankets retail for $53.99 and up.

Bonus: How sweet would baby look laying on these during a newborn photoshoot?

The first-timer

Nested Bean Zen Swaddle

I admit it. When I was a first-time mom, I was naive and thought I could put Eden to sleep wrapped tightly in just a swaddle blanket. I was in for a rude awakening. My little ninja kicked out of it or got her arms loose just about every time and the few moments of rest that I looked forward to between feedings were lost.

I’ve learned a lot in the past three years and this time around I plan on using a Zen Swaddle from Nested Bean on Baby E.

The Zen Swaddle is lighted weighted in key areas at baby’s side and chest to mimic the feeling of being in mom or dad’s arms. That feeling of comfort and security will lull baby to sleep allowing a deliriously exhausted new mom the chance for some shut eye herself.

Trust me, this is one baby shower gift that will be well appreciated.

The Zen Swaddle retails for $29.99-$39.99 and is available in 15 colors and prints.

The life of the party

9Months non-alcoholic sparkling beverages

Having a new baby is cause for celebration! After nine months of growing a human, moms (and their very patient spouses and partners – Love you, Jace!) deserve it.

A fun shower gift idea is a bottle (or two!) of one of 9Months non-alcoholic sparkling beverages. The drinks are made from grapes grown in Southern Australia and currently comes in two flavors – red and white. Pop open a bottle at the shower itself or let the parents-to-be decide when is the best time to celebrate with the bubbly.

I’ll be packing my bottle of Sparkling White in my hospital bag to pour for a toast after Baby E is born.

9Months beverages retail for $15.50 and up. A portion of every 9Months purchase is donated to the March of Dimes.

Looking for that last special touch to include with your shower gift? Add in a copy of Hey Baby – our new baby magazine collaboration with Bump Club and Beyond – Chicago! The Chicagoland-centric tips, stories and things to do will be the perfect addition for any new mom-to-be.

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