12 baby name trends to look out for this year

2018 brought us a fair share of baby names that we buzzed endlessly about on social media and around the water cooler. From Chicago (Kim Kardashian & Kanye West) and Kulture (Cardi B. & Offset) to Stormi (Kylie Jenner & Travis Smith) and Minnie (Jack & Lisa Osbourne), it seemed there was no shortage of unconventional baby names for celebrity bundles of joy.

So what does 2019 have in store for us? Can we expect more location-based names? What about more nickname sounding names? The editors of Nameberry, the largest website devoted to baby names, recently released their top baby name trends for 2019, and the jury’s out on the below. 

Animal-inspired names

As much as we want these to go away, there will always be parents who want to give their children fierce and mighty names like Bear, Lion, Tiger and Wolf. Surprisingly on the rise? Koala and Otter.

Celebrity surnames

People have always been influenced by the names celebrities choose for their own children, but now, some are opting to pay homage to their favorites by using surnames like Beckham, Bowie, Jolie and Ledger.

Directional: East

Names related to Eastern religions with spiritual undertones are becoming fast favorites with names such as Bodhi, Rama and Zen.

“Em” names

Names like Emily, Emma and Emmerson seem to be here to stay, but new “Em” names entering the mix are Ember, Emmett and Emery.

Gem names

While names of gems have traditionally been assigned to girls (Ruby, Violet), we’re now seeing an expansion into the boy’s category with names like Jet and Onyx.

Gender-neutral names

A few years ago, there was a boom of male and female babies named Joey, Rory and Ryan. Now, the gender-neutral trend continues with names like Briar, Finley, Justice and Story.

Global names

New names—similar to Lior, Niabi and Walken—from diverse origins are on the rise.

Muted colors

Bolder color names like Scarlett, Indigo and Blue are being replaced by names inspired by more muted tones including Moss, Sage, Fawn and Ash.

Old school nicknames for boys

We saw this with the rise of Jack, Tommy and Charlie in recent years, and now, more and more parents are opting for shorter, more playfkul names like Ace, Hank and Buddy.

The letter “F”

After “E” names had its time in the spotlight, so it is only right that “F” follows. Popular names with the letter “F” include Fiona, Frances, Felix and Florian.

Three letter names

It seems minimalist names–like Ida, Liv, Rex & Van–are starting to rise after years of more formal names sitting at the top of the list.

The letter “U”

Often under-utilized, names with the letter “U” in them—such as Luca, Luna, Jude and True–are beginning to creep up the name charts.

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